Stapel med lastpallar


Pallets from Gyllsjö are pallets you can trust. Our products are of the highest quality and we make sure you get them when you need them.

Strong and durable pallets

All our pallets are made from Swedish pine and spruce. All boards are inspected and sorted in several stages, thus eradicating any damages or cracks in the timber of the finished product. All pallets undergo heat treatment before delivery. This guarantees you will get a light and strong pallet with measurements according to the specifications, and at the same time the risk of mildew is minimized.

Approved for export

If the pallets are to be exported it is essential that they have undergone the correct heat treatment. This must be done in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard, as issued by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), to make sure the pallets are allowed entry in other countries. Gyllsjö was the first pallet-manufacturing company in the world to be certified in accordance with ISPM 15 for heat treating and marking pallets. New regulation on ISPM 15 labeling took effect on 1st of January 2017. The new rules mean that ISPM-15 mark may no longer contain additional information KD or DB. Our drying routine (HT) has not changed and we still use bark-free wood (DB) that we dry down (KD) to 16-18% moisture. For more information, we recommend Swedish Board of Agriculture’s website on wood packaging material.


With pallets from Gyllsjö you have all the documentation in order and you can rest assured your goods will reach its destination.

Certificate for KD marking