Choosing the right pallets

Not all pallets are the same. The quality can vary considerably between different pallets, and here are some key points to consider when buying pallets:

Heat treatment and drying

It is very important that the pallets are dried properly in order to minimize the risk of mildew. A dry pallet is also stronger and is lighter than a moist one.

Pallets used for export

Many countries require that all wooden products that are to enter the country must undergo heat treatment in order to kill any pest insects.

Any pallets used for export must therefore be heat treated and this must be documented. The heat treatment must be performed according to the ISPM 15 (IPPC) standard and the pallet must be properly marked.

Read more about ISPM 15.

High-quality nails

The strength of a pallet largely depends on the type of nail used. The nail we use are of the highest quality with maximum strength and are designed not to rise from the wood, which minimizes the risk of personal injuries.

The raw material of the nail is also important. High-quality nails are produced with steel made from iron ore, but in order to reduce costs many manufacturers choose cheaper scrap-metal-based nails. The strength is much higher in iron-ore-based nails which results in a longer life span and a lower total cost.

At Gyllsjö we only use iron-ore-based nails in our products.

The wood

The quality of the wood used in the pallets is of course central to the durability and life span. The wood must be free from cracks and have a minimum amount of knots to ensure maximum strength.

It is also important that the wood is legally logged. All the wood we use comes from Swedish forests and has been thoroughly checked in several stages.

FSC® and PEFC™

The wooden pallet is a very environmentally friendly product. If you wish to strengthen your environmental profile even further we can, as one of few manufacturers, offer pallets that are FSC® and PEFC™ certified. This guarantees that the wood comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

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